Churchill's: All That and a Bag of Fish & Chips

At this Little Haiti favorite, music, football and cheap beer draw the crowds. The bathrooms? Not so much.

Churchill's isn't unique because it's a Milwaukee-type bar in Miami with a nightly selection of exceptional live music, but rather because it is both those things and it's located in the heart of Little Haiti. It may seem a strange locale for a British pub, no doubt, but this Miami establishment stands well-accepted and situated amongst botanicas and is almost always packed with locals of one kind or another.

During the day, the neighbors pack this Esquire mag “best bar” choice to watch football (of the non-American variety), and at night when the music plays, all sorts of crowds move in and out, wearing their musical tastes on their sleeves and faces.

Granted, the bathrooms at Churchill's are some of the grimiest the earth has ever known. On some nights, a hole in the ground would be preferable. But after enough sampling of their adequate beer and booze selection, it really doesn't matter how spotless the john is.

All genres of music play here nightly, from teenage punk bands to the open mike Jazz Jam and Theatre de Underground each Monday. Weekend performances usually include well-known local and national acts. Recently the Black Lips performed to a rowdy crowd and music greats like surf-legend Dick Dale have strummed on the Churchill's stage.

Every February, Miami's favorite musical mentor and musician Rat Bastard hosts the International Noise Conference at the pub, which is a local tradition and cherished time of year when smelly noise dudes descend upon our town adding some outta Miami flavor.

"For lovers of the colorful neighborhood dive, Churchill's couldn't get any better," wrote Yelp reviewer Sylvia M. "It has an undeniable, rascally charm, from the ancient double-decker bus in the parking lot, to the caricature of Sir Winston himself glowering on the wall above the entrance, to the makeshift stage and well-worn bar and occasional jar of Frankenstein pickled eggs."

Enhancing the Churchill's experience, indie music store Sweat Records is right next door and also has almost-daily events and a great music selection.

Cheers to that, mates.

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