Cole Haan Boat Shoes for Less

Places like D.C. and Connecticut consider the boat shoe a daily staple. In Miami, the trend is just starting to surface, and fittingly so since we do spend the majority of our play time on, um, boats.

From technicolor top-sliders to high top renditions, these throwback kicks have popped up all over town in massive amounts. And when there is surplus, there are sales. Point in case: these discounted Breezer Boat Shoes by Cole Haan.

We first spotted the navy blue pair at Last Call by Neiman Marcus in Dolphin Mall. They were cute, but not $125-cute. So we kept walking and eventually bumped into Cole Haan's outlet store where we found the same shoe, but also in tan, orange and brown. The best part? They were marked down from $168 to $99. Never doubt a bargain hunt.

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