Come on Baby, Light My Candle

Environmentally friendly candles are also a skin moisturizer

Soy Delicious Moisturizing Candles

What do crème brulee, gardenias and Havana nights have in common?

Could be a romantic dinner in Miami somewhere.

But in this case, the three are fragrances from SOY Delicious Moisturizing Candles.

The environmentally safe novelty items are the brainchild of local ex-school teachers and childhood BFFs Georgette Hoyo and Maggie Maceiras.

“We both love candles and bought them everywhere we went, but we didn’t find too many that were environmentally friendly or actually filled up the room with aroma,” said Maceiras.“We thought it would be a great idea to make our own.”

Hoyo and Maceiras, both 37, did just that in their kitchens three years ago.

Today, their candles are manufactured locally and are made out of 100 percent soy.

Their 18 scents sell everywhere from Gardener’s Market in Pinecrest to Pink Blush boutique on Bird Road, as well as on their website.

Popular candles include Tropical Paradise, Tahitian Orchid, Peace of Mind and Fresh Linen.

Aside from being a candle, they can also be used as a moisturizer to soften callous skin.

Maceiras said soy contains Vitamin E and antioxidant properties.

“You can dip your finger or a spoon and rub the soy on your cuticles, hands, feet and elbows,” said Maceiras. “It’s not hot.”

Annie Vazquez is a Miami-based journalist and shop-a-holic. Email her with any fashion tips, boutique openings, events, sales and bargains at

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