Daddy Dearest: Father's Day Guide 2010

Still haven't gotten a present for pops? Don't worry, whether he's into motorcycles or Mozart, we've got gifts for the man of the house on your list.

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Still haven't gotten a present for pops? Don't worry, weather he's into motorcycles or Mozart, we've got gifts for the man of the house on your list.
Citizen Bike
KNOW WHEN TO FOLD 'EM: Yes, you admit, your dad is in better shape than you. We think Citizen Bike's folding bike is the perfect gift for the man who always seems to be going somewhere.
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SPONSORED: You can't send him to St. Andrews, but we're thinking you can swing (no pun intended) the Doral's Father's Day Special, which includes a round of golf on the famed Blue Monster for two for $250.
Geometry of Pasta
KISS THE COOK: He's a simple man with simple, yet delicious, taste. Your dad sure does love his carbs, and "The Geometry of Pasta" will help him create the perfect noodle shape/sauce combo -- the benefits of which you'll hopefully reap.
Harley Davidson
SPONSORED: If he's set up a nice trust fund for you, might we suggest a Harley for dear, Easy Rider-loving dad? If not, take him to Peterson's Harley-Davidson of Miami for their Father's Day event, which will feature everything from a bike show and lunch to contests and prizes.
POP ROCKS: You credit him with your stellar music taste -- years of riding shotgun with The Clash and the Stones blaring will do that -- so show him you appreciated his school of rock tendencies with some sweet headphones from Skullcandy (a gift mom will surely appreciate as well).
Mandarin Oriental
SPONSORED: The last time dad was at a fancy hotel, it was for your bar mitzvah. He's earned some quality chillax time, so head to the Mandarin Oriental, where they'll be hosting a Father's Day Grill Out poolside (hot dogs, cocktails, chair massages, etc.) as well as offering a Dad's Delight spa package.
Urban Outfitters
SECRET 'STACHE: He's rocked the Tom Selleck Special for as long as you can remember. Show him you appreciate the un-ironic facial hair with a Great Mustaches mug, which features the above-the-lip 'dos of such historical badasses as Albert Einstein and Mark Twain.
Festival Flea Market
SPONSORED: The king of thrift, dad would not be amused you just spent $200 on jeans that look like they've been washed 800 times. Which is why he'll appreciate a gift from the Festival Flea Market, where you can score everything from luggage to flippy-floppies for insanely awesome prices.
Strong Boalt
TRUNK SHOW: Dad's been rocking the same swim trunks since '85 -- a couple college tuitions and pairs of name brand tennis shoes will do that. Get him out of those neon yellow shorts and into a pair by Strong Boalt. Designed by a West Palm Beacher, these shorts were made for the sun and sand, meaning quick-dry poly and original sea-inspired prints.
SPONSORED: We know, he just mastered the DVD player. But how awesome will "Caddyshack" be in Blu-ray? Brandsmart is offering up a free Samsung Blu-ray player and 3D starter kit with the purchase of a Samsung C7000 series TV.
SIP IT GOOD: Now your dad and Marilyn Manson have something in common. (To which he'll surely reply, "who's she?") Dad loves a stiff drink, so help stock his supply with a bottle of Fenom absinthe. It's not as strong as traditional absinthes, so be assured he won't have any LSD flashbacks. Oh, we've heard the stories.
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