Dancing and a Movie: ‘Pretty in Pink'

Miami may not be known as a movie-watching town, but is there any better place to catch a flick? We've got free screenings in a futuristic, hi-tech park; three indie cinemas, one of which is cooking dinner; and a summer series at a one-time silent movie palace boasting a DJ'ed dance party after closing credits.

That's right, the Summer Flickin' series is back at the Gusman, this time you'll be getting fleet of foot to four John Hughes films. 'Pretty in Pink' kicks off the series Thursday night, followed by 'Sixteen Candles' on July 28, 'The Breakfast Club' on August 25, and 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' on September 22. What makes it so special? It's only $10, for one thing, but the great part is that after each movie ends the crowd takes to the stage, where DJ Mr. Pauer cranks retro tunes and starts up a dance party.

While the on-stage dance party might be the cherry on top, the sweet, sweet night starts with a happy hour. Though the films don't start until 7 p.m., the theatre's bar opens at 6 -- meaning you've got one extra hour to get a little dancing juice down the gullet before Molly Ringwald inspires a few moves.

All $10 tickets to the Summer Flickin' series are on sale now.

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