Devil May Care

In the Red Records is coming back to town

Though our local bands know how to bring down the house, Miami’s music scene is always enhanced by a little outside attention. That’s why it’s a treat to hear that In The Red Records is coming to town again, and this time, they’re bringing a taste of Puerto Rico with them.

In The Red represents garage/punk bands, like the Black Lips and King Khan and BBQ Show, who both have played Churchill’s in the past. The label may best be known for Jay Reatard, the noisy pop star with some crazed stage shows. Many of the bands on this L.A. label are known for their particularly boisterous concerts and enthusiastic audiences, so make sure to wear some sneakers and bring a good attitude.

Davila 666 will be performing with locals, the Jacuzzi Boys, Electric Bunnies and Lil Daggers. Davila 666’s My Space site claims they sound like “Menudo on lots of drugs.” What drugs, we ask? Cocaine, we assume.

While both bands are Puerto Rican, Davila 666 is a simplistic mix of modern psychedelica and rowdy Latin rock. 

If you have interest in having a very good time this Tuesday, head over to Churchill’s for the show. It costs only $7 to get in and begins at 9 p.m.

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