DJ Carnage Sets New Trend, Receives Free Chipotle For Life

Diamante Blackmon, also known as DJ Carnage, is quickly rising as a top disc jockey.

NBC 6 caught up with Carnage before his massive performance at Club Mansion in Miami Beach in May.

Carnage was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Guatemala, making him one of the few Hispanic DJs to break out in the electronic dance music industry.

“It’s cool because there isn’t a lot of Spanish DJs,” Carnage said.

The explicit DJ is known for bringing a high sense of energy whenever he is performing at a club or festival. He is known for playing a new style of EDM.

While in South Florida in January, Carnage’s sold out show was shut down at Club Cinema for playing music passed the city's curfew. Carnage was seen being escorted off the stage by a Broward deputy.

“I was drunk as s**t, but it was tight. You have to give your fans what they paid for….. I had to just put a great show and I was just so in the mood.”

Many fans thought Carnage was arrested, but he later responded on social media telling his fans he was just detained.

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Post by Carnage.

Carnage returned to Miami in March as he was amongst other top DJs who performed at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival in March.

“That was beautiful. It showed a growth of what has happened in one year. It was the first festival that I played in my life,” he said.

In over a year, Carnage’s rising success helped him secure a spot in headlining the festival.

“Going back to the second year and going from 2 p.m. to headlining the world stage was really a slap in the face to everybody else you know,” Carnage said.

His Ultra Music Festival set was so intense that Carnage ended up feeling ill after his performance.

“It was a crazy day, it was pretty f*****g intense, it was live as f*** and after that I got so sick because I was just so drained.”

When asked what sets Carnage apart from other DJs, he told us, “I’m obnoxious and I don’t care.”

Carnage, who is a big fan of popular Mexican chain, Chipotle, started a hashtag of #ChipotleGang which quickly became a worldwide trend.

“It’s kind of interesting how something so small can just start a movement,” he said.

Carnage said he has spotted fans around the world holding 10-foot banners with #ChipotleGang written on it – even in parts of the world where there are no Chipotle locations.

After hearing about Carnage’s support of the popular burrito-making business, Chipotle’s corporate management reached out to Carnage and rewarded him with a special card that gives him free Chipotle for life.

While in Miami, Carnage said his favorite thing to do is stopping at Pinolandia, a local Nicaraguan restaurant in Little Havana.

His favorite food? “Gallo Pinto, Queso Frito, Platanos, Carne Asada, Tostadas,” he said.

Part of Carnage’s success was a remix to the hit song “Spaceman,” which was originally created by #1 DJ, Hardwell.

“I didn’t want to do it because I didn’t want to disrespect that song because it was just so good,” Carnage said.

But Carnage decided to make the remix and from there it went viral in the United States.

Carnage said one of his big breaks in his career was when legendary DJ Tiesto played his track in a live set on Youtube with over half a million fans watching. It was also his first time playing a song in the trap music genre.

A new album is expected to be released soon by Carnage, along with a new single, "Bricks," that will be released on June 17 featuring Migos.

He will return to Miami’s Club Mansion on Friday, July 4. Click here for tickets.

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