DJ Josh LeCash on New Reality Show: “I Don’t Want It to Be The Hills”

Local DJ Josh LeCash - who mans the turntables at hot spots like Coco De Ville and Rokbar - has set his sights on a new reality show - but don't expect him to take any cues from MTV's famed starlets.

"I don't want it to be like The Hills," LeCash told Niteside. "I do want there to be a sense of characters you're following, but that's as much of The Hills as I want it to get."

He added, "It will be different than watching a reality show like that or the Kardashians -- when they're in front of the camera, they act like they're not -- I feel like it's a little ridiculous and just shows how fake it is. I want to break down that barrier, we'll be talking right to the camera."

Still, LeCash admits crafting his vision, which he conceptualized more than two years ago, has been a process. After his initial brush off from L.A. producers, LeCash filmed his own pilot with fellow 305 spinner Troy Kurtz, and are now working with the same producers for HBO's hot show, Hung.

Although the idea was altered slightly, LeCash says the root is still the same. The plan is to develop it into a travel show with a group of Miami DJs in a new location each episode -- which he hopes will be filmed "more like Joaquin Phoenix's I'm Still Here." 

"It's not necessarily a party show, that's not what it's about," he explained. "It's more of a DJ documentary, showing the lifestyle of traveling DJs - but the situations are really entertaining."

LeCash hopes to be shooting by this year's Winter Music Conference. But until then, he's recruiting more cast members - that already include local female DJs like Jessica Who and La Trice - to join the ranks. And although no DJ experience is required to audition, unlike some "reality" shows, LeCash has no plans to cast any high-drama characters.

"I'm not going to add someone crazy, or a bad guy, just so they will add conflict to the show," he said. "I want to add someone we'll be friends with, someone we'd actually hang out with."

For those who think they fit the bill, tweet LeCash, who is holding open casting calls for young females (18-25) on Monday, January 31.

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