DJ Helps Score Guinness Record for “Highest” Dance Party

KLM Airlines offered to fly Dutch Ultra fans to Miami, 300-plus took them up on the offer

Back in January, Dutch DJ/Producer Sied van Riel and filmmaker Wilco Jung sent out a Tweet: "How can it be that there's a direct flight in March 2011 from MIA to AMS, but no direct flights from AMS to MIA?"

The answer was that KLM Airlines was about to launch direct service from Amsterdam to Miami, but not in time for Ultra Fest. But the power of the Tweet is strong, and KLM is known for its social media savvy (they once launched a campaign that involved tracking/stalking passengers via social media and surprising them with gifts at their gate), so the airline responded with a challenge: You provide the passengers, we'll provide the plane.

Five hours later, the flight was booked. 

Ultra has come and gone, but KLM just posted a video on YouTube they put together commemorating the flight. Flight attendants are seen throwing peace signs, turntables are set up in the aisles and even the pilot, apparently, is a DJ -- giving new meaning to the term Tailspin (though probably not the best DJ name for a pilot). 

But the best part -- other than getting to fly to Miami with hundreds of your closest electronic music friends for a gigantic electronic music festival -- was that the feat landed the event in the Guinness Book of World Records for the Highest Altitude Dance Party (6.2 miles above sea level). 

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