Do the Twist

The gay clubs of all gay clubs is 15 years old and, like a good banana hammock, still going strong

There are certain vortexes of gayness that exist around the world. Every gay man or fag hag knows where these bastions of homosexuality exist, once they are near the place of gathering. It’s like dowsing for water; you just concentrate on your gay-dar and it brings you there.

One of these special spots is Twist, located on Miami Beach. Twist isn’t one of those clubs that comes and goes under different names with a new slap of paint. It’s been around for fifteen years, continuously pumping out house music and facilitating one-night-stands.

You can call it a meat market or a good night out, and, most probably, both. It’s open every day from 1 p.m. to 5 a.m. and there are seven distinct bars from which you can refresh. From the front, Twist looks like a one room affair, but once inside, it’s clear that this place goes on and on. It’s gigantic!

Probably the most delightful part of the club is the Bungalow Bar, just off of the outdoor garden. This bungalow is best known for “Gaiety,” a menagerie of dancing muscle men, dressed only in banana hammocks. A celebration of the male form, if you will.

Upstairs you might have more luck spotting a drag show or performing your own one-man-act on the dance floor. Leave your shirts at home and wear your priciest jeans. Beware of cruisers and tweakers. You will have a gay old time.

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