Don't Be Blinded by the Price

Despite the designer label, most sunglasses cost the same to produce -- about $3.

A pair of sunglasses can cost anywhere from $10 to hundreds. While materials and design can make up for some of that difference, one marketing expert reveals that pair on your head probably doesn’t cost more than $3 to produce.

You could feed a family for a month on what some people are paying for sunglasses.

But when it all comes down to it, what are you really paying for when you buy a pair of shades?

According to one San Diego State University professor, it's more about marketing than plastic.

“If you're buying a pair, something like Walmart, K-mart and you're thinking you're getting a good deal on a $10 pair of glasses, they probably cost less than 50 cents to make,” said Lois Olson, SDSU marketing professor. “If you're buying an expensive pair that costs $250, they probably cost $3.”

Olson has been to the Chinese factories where they make many of the popular sunglasses and she says they may differ in price on the shelf but not in the factory.

“There’s really virtually no difference whatsoever unless you’re putting something really special into the sunglasses like gold, silver or jewels,” she said. “Really they’re all incredibly inexpensive to make.”

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