Author Tasha Cunningham on Cox, Arquette Split: “Signs Were There”


Break-up signs are the same no matter who you are -- even if you're Courtney Cox and David Arquette.

That's what Miami columnist and founder of,Tasha Cunningham, said at Books & Books in Bal Harbour last night, while promoting her latest book, So That Bastard Broke Your Heart, Now What?

"The signs were definitely there," Cunningham told Niteside. "Cox has said many times publicly that she and David fight often about his immaturity, and being with an immature guy who won't grow up is going to be hard on any woman.  And after the break up he showed exactly what Courtney was complaining about by going on Howard Stern to spill the details of why their marriage failed -- that indicated  both immaturity and infidelity, both very tough things to get over in a marriage."

Cunningham -- who started the site in 2006 after chatting with recently dumped girlfriends about past relationships -- takes personal experiences from readers of her site, as well as her own "baggage," to help others through the break-up process. She also admits "anything goes" when it comes to warning others about certain male suitors.

"There are a lot of dating books out there that tell you how to make a guy like you and we took a different tack on those," explained Cunningham. "Some women will date the same jerks over and over and we want them to know they are worth dating better guys than they have before. You can talk about whatever you want, as long as you can keep it clean and truthful."

Now the happily married relationship guru said she might even be following in the footsteps of the He's Just Not That Into You authors and taking her book to the silver screen.

Meantime, does she have any advice for Courtney Cox?

"I want to send her my book!"

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