Down By the River

Dock it at Epic Miami’s River Lounge for spectacular views, a sophisticated setting and exotic drinks and eats

You know that old saying about people living in glass houses? Well, minus the stone-throwing part, we’re pretty sure they were talking about River Lounge, the newest club in the heart of downtown Miami.

Located in Epic Miami, River Lounge, aptly named because it looks right at the Miami River, boasts 30-foot windows. Take a seat on one of the snaking banquettes resting alongside the windows and peer up to wave hello to your friends across the way at Club 50.

Featuring a riverbank patio, a loft balcony and a circular bar smack in the middle of the lounge, River makes for a nice after-work, pre-club spot to stop in for a drink and a bite. Area 31, the hotel’s restaurant, provides the bar menu with exotic fishy treats like the Tuna Poke. It’s enough to entice you up to the16th floor eatery to see what else the restaurant has to offer.

River Lounge hosted its soft opening on Wednesday, March 25. On April 23, it hosts its grand opening, making it officially ready for the hard stuff, which, by the way, it offers plenty of, including something called a Blushing Geisha. Citrus liqueur, pears, agave nectar and sake all muddled together—a few more of those and the room takes on a whole different view, if you know what we mean.

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