Dream Weaver

howl necklace

GOING NATIVE: You may take off your jewelry to go to bed, but H.O.W.L is the kind you want to wear to count sheep with. The 2-month-old local line of baubles is the brainchild of Miami Beach residents and couple Tini Courtney and Jason Masik. H.O.W.L, which stands for Handle Only With Love, is composed of dream catchers and necklaces with amulets for both men and women. Celebs like Victoria's Secret's Alessandra Ambrosio have already been spotted sporting the one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted line which is made using everything from horseshoe charms and Tibetian beads to Lapiz lazuli and sea glass. Check out  the Keya, Mana and Kruit to catch some good z's. GET IT: $100-$600; The Webster,1220 Collins Ave; 305-674-7899 or www.handleonlywithlove.com.

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