Easy Rider

sun bikes

One hour of spinning class and all of a sudden you find yourself walking like a cowboy. Dr. Elliott Grusky, a Miami-based chiropractor and team chiropractor for The University of Miami Hurricanes, hears the tale all too often: patient tries to exercise for better health, but due to poor form, ends up injured, instead.

Dr. Grusky decided to take matters into his own hands. Together with Sun Bikes Manufactures and Distributes, he created an ergonomically designed recumbent bicycle, which alleviates the “cowboy” pain, properly supports the back and allows riders a safe way to burn calories. And if you never had your training wheels off, there’s a tricycle option, too.

The bikes are available through all local bicycle shops, are assembled upon ordering and can even be used inside as a stationary bike—making it Tivo approved! For retail/technical information contact Bill Tannen at 305.238.1866 or btannen@jbimporters.com.

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