Networking in Miami: Margaritas & Memos


Only in Miami can you turn a drinking-related holiday like Cinco de Mayo into a corporate schmooze fest. That's simply business as usual in this city, said one of the hosts of last night's Metro Mixer at The Standard Spa.

"Everything in Miami is a little crazier," said Anne Owen, Miami Magazine publisher. "It helps networking with a margarita in your hand."

Corporate bigwigs like architecture powerhouse Chad Oppenheim and Metro 1 Properties President Tony Cho co-hosted the oceanside shindig, where the large Miami industry crowd dished out business cards as quickly as they consumed the complimentary margaritas. 

"Especially in Miami, not all but a lot of business gets done after dark," Owen added.  "We do so many events that are based around partying and nightlife, and I think it is nice every once and a while that there is something smart and intelligent worked in."

She added, "Miami's not a hard place to love, and as long as you manage it and you can fit in business and play, I think it is a good place to live."

What's not to love about a city where you can score your next job interview with a side of tequila?

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