Fancy Pizza and a Beer

Ecco Pizzateca has arrived!

Ecco Lounge

Downtown has been begging for a scene, with its empty nighttime streets and half-full high rises looming about. With all the new residents moving into the area, it seems this would be the best time for a snazzy, munchy, boozy place to open here. Ecco Pizzateca and Lounge is just that place, located right in the heart of the business district, it has arrived with style and the taste of pizza.

Ecco is owned and run by the same folks of Poplife and PS14, which was itself once a pizza shop. Ecco is more lounge and dinner than pizza and booths. It’s housed in the historic Huntington Building, is adorned with dramatic crystal chandeliers and a full bar. If you want more than just chow and drink, different DJs and live performers create an ambiance and there are TVs for sporting events. The bar is open till 3 a.m. on Thursdays and Fridays but it’s closed Saturdays and Sundays. The pizzas are organic and created by award winning chef Massimo Fabio Bruni. With a name like that, you’re bound to think of pizza. Other food is available for the lactose intolerant.

The restaurant is promoting happy hours, free wifi and a variety of specials. There’s the complimentary tiramisu every Monday with lunch (11-4 p.m.), happy hour (4-7 p.m.) with 2-4-1 drinks, various meet and greets, singles mixers and a free glass of chardonnay on Wednesdays with lunch. That last one is for the under and unemployed or possibly those who hate their jobs deeply. The underemployed can also attempt to satisfy their craving for libations on Thursday nights, playing poker or blackjack with the Miami Poker Society to win a bar tab.

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