Fantastically Filthy!

King of Trash John Waters brings his poo eating sense of humor to Lincoln Road

King of trash John Waters has proven that there truly is honor and hilarity in the classlessness of the masses. Nothing is sacred, but anything can be funny.

The writer/director/producer will be in Miami for the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival this week, monologuing the sense out of a Lincoln Road audience in "An Evening with John Waters: Filthier and Dirtier."

With one of the hugest cult followings in the world, most Americans probably wouldn't even know Baltimore existed without Hairspray, Waters' homage to his crabby hometown in which a young Ricki Lake plays the sexy, rotund dancer Tracy Turnblad, shaking it for integration in the hirsute comedy.

But even Ricki was kind of tame in comparison to the outrageous antics of the prettiest plus-sized actor of all time -- Divine -- who infamously ate dog poo at the end of Pink Flamingos. One of the most timeless scenes in American cinema.

Don't miss the wit and wonder of Waters at the Lincoln Theater on May 1. Tickets run from $35 to $125.

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