Fight the Frizz

There’s a monster outside waiting to attack your hair. His name is frizz

Your hair. What once was lovely and luxurious is now a messy mop of misery atop your head. We know, we know, you’d have perfect hair if you lived somewhere with less humidity, say Maine.

But unless you’re willing to trade in that little bikini for full-time lobster bisque, may we suggest some mane-taming tricks to help your harried situation. 

GO FOR A BLOW: A blowout is one of your best defenses for flattening out your humidity-induced ‘fro. But weekly blowouts can really break the bank. Enter Salon Vaso in Miami Beach. With Tuesday through Saturday blowout specials for $20, you’ll get your hair back in sleek shape and still have money to step out and show off your ‘do.

STRAIGHT AND NARROW: With a treatment called “Get It Straight” you know you’re on the right path. The Cutler/Redken salon in the Gansevoort South knows humidity does a number on your hair, so it offers this smoothing, frizz-free finish for the bargain price of just $35 ($25 if added on to an additional service). So long flyaways, hello manageable mane. 

You can’t always get to a salon to treat your troubled tresses, so try these at-home healers for a little hair help.

NOW THAT’S PROFOUND: You have a cabinet in your bathroom full of attempted frizz-fighting products that failed miserably. Get it right this time around by finding the exact product for your hairs’ needs. Profound Beauty’s Find Your Routine app invites you to log on, answer a few questions about your locks and then leads you to the right products for your hair type. Sure they’re all from the Profound Beauty line, but at least you won’t be walking around with slimy scalp in a futile attempt to tame that mane.

HAIR TODAY: Wish there was a frizz forecast for your hair? Just head over to to get the lowdown on whether or not your hair is going to lay down today. Just like at, enter your zip code and see if you need to hide that hair in a hat.

WASH THAT FRIZZ RIGHT OUTTA YOUR HAIR: The first step to getting your hair to lay down starts in the shower. Shampoos and conditioners like Davines Love collection is specially designed for dysfunctional hair. It has enough moisture to make your hair lay back and relax when the barometer starts to rise. Look for the line at the Red Carpet in Coral Gables.

ZERO TOLERANCE: Most people can do without extreme anti-frizz measures until summer. But we Miamians have the burden of big hair long before then. Luckily, Fekkai’s Summer Hair Marine Collection includes a little something called Zero-Humidity Frizz Control to get your locks to lay down. The alcohol-free, sea algae-extract formula seals the cuticle so the big bad humidity monster is locked out. Look for it at your local Sephora.

THE FORMULA: What’s in Philip B Anti-Friz Formula 57? Unlike Heinz, it’s not 57 things, and all you really need to know is that when the temperatures rise, your hair won’t thanks to this secret sauce. Just add a touch to wet hair and voila, frizz-free. Look for it at Cream in Miami

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