Fired Over Facebook Status

Are you bored at work? Whatever you do, don't tell Facebook. You could get fired for it.

How many times have you updated your Facebook status to say "…is bored at work"? Probably at least once, though statistically that number averages at 3.4 times a week.* (*Not a real statistic.)

But can you imagine getting fired for it? Because that's what happened to Briton teen, Kimberly Swann. She was summarily sacked after her boss learned -- via her updated status -- that she was "bored at work." In this hilarious CNN segment, a journalist does a search for the terms "bored" and "work" on Facebook and Twitter, and finds that Swann certainly isn't alone. (Further research would no doubt dig up folks saying far worse things about their place of employment).

Her boss, meanwhile, says Swann's admission of boredom revealed that "she just wasn't happy here" and thus "it wasn't going to work out." We're no experts, but why was the boss perusing Facebook on company time? Was he, perhaps, a little bored?

Embedded video from CNN Video
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