Five Million Dollar Pyramid

What does 5 mill look like? A local casino wants you to know

Quick! Someone tell the government where they can find $5,000,000 to throw into their pot of despair. Sure, 5 mil will only be able to pay off a few AIG retainers, but it’s something.

The Seminole Hard Rock’s latest publicity stunt to get potential gamblers to saddle up to their tables is a traveling display of 5 mil in cash. The massive amount of green, which has also been submitted to the Guinness World Records for the “Most Money on Display in a Casino” (good luck with that), was unveiled earlier today in an elaborate(ish) ceremony.

First, attendees were treated to a performance by a Beatles cover band -- which included “Money (That’s What I Want)” of course -- followed by a countdown to the unveiling by John James, COO of Seminole Gaming.

The Seminole Hard Rock Calendar Girls were standing by, doing their best Barker’s Beauties impression, when the curtain dropped to reveal stacks of $100 bills inside a $90,000 bullet resistant case. Dire Straits’ “Money for Nothing” started playing, fake bills fell from the ceiling confetti-style and, well, that was about it.

“This is fantastic,” said Rob Brady, who was on vacation from Manchester, England. “The casinos in England are very small and very boring. To see something like this tells me this is the place to be.”

[Cue “Proud to be an American”].

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