Friday Could Be Downright Hot in South Florida

The high will probably be close to the record of 89 degrees

Thursday was very warm, but Friday could be downright hot in South Florida.

Compared to our normal high temperatures for mid to late February, the mercury could be 10 degrees warmer than average. That translates to highs in the upper 80s, close to the record of 89 degrees.

South to southwest winds will help move warmer air from the Caribbean into our region, which will only warm up further over the Everglades before reaching the metro area.

Some relief from the heat is expected on Saturday, but the weak cold front that carries the cooler air may also yield some showers that afternoon. Highs Saturday and Sunday will remain in the 70s.

The front is expected to stall near South Florida, meaning that clouds and rain showers could stick around all the way until Monday.

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