From CEO to Pizza Delivery Man — and Back?

A former hedge-fund CEO had to suck it up and take a job as a pizza driver - but after his story hit ABC, job offers started pouring in

In case you haven't heard the story, here are the details: Ken Karpman was making $750,000 a year as a CEO. Then a perfect financial storm hit; he tried to start his own hedge fund right before the economy began its nosedive. Pretty soon, he was having trouble putting food on the table for his wife and two kids -- even though that table sits in a coral-pillared giganto-manse in Clearwater, Fla. (Which, is now in foreclosure, because the couple is two years behind on their mortgage payments.) Finally, Karpman did something he probably never imagined back when he was getting his MBA: He begged a local restaurant to give him a job delivering pizzas. For $7.29 an hour, plus tips. They said yes. (Check out the original story here.)

But shortly after the local ABC affiliate broke the story, interview requests started up (and you knew Oprah couldn't be far behind). Even better, the station received a slew of emails and calls from people who wanted to offer the 48-year-old Karpman a job. Some, according to this follow-up report," are not much better than pizza delivery driver, but many are executive positions, with executive salaries." To which we say, well-played, Karpman, you sly fox! That MBA tuition was totally worth it.

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