Frumpy Scot Shocks Simon Cowell, Becomes YouTube Hit

Susan Boyle's 47, lives with her cat, has never been kissed and Simon Cowell can't give her a record deal fast enough

Susan Boyle started out as the ultimate underdog. The awkward Scot went on cross-the-pond TV star search show Britain's Got Talent but quickly got pegged by the show's producers as one of the laugh-and point sadsacks: 47 years old (looks a decade older), lives alone with her cat Pebbles, does cringey "sex you up" hip gyrations for the audience and admits she's never been kissed. And she's dreamed of being a singer since she was 12 years old.

To find out what happens, you should really treat yourself to the video (which, p.s., has been viewed on YouTube more than 5 million times in three days). Simon Cowell's barely-concealed eye roll (echoing smirks from random audience members) dissolves pretty fast when Boyle launches into a power-weeper from Les Miz. In the wake of the performance, Cowell told Britain's Sun that he'll sign her to a record deal even if she doesn't win the show's competition.

Cockles, warmed.

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