Try On the Fall Fashion Trends Without Spending a Bundle

Affordable fall fashion

Most style advice worth following advocates spending more on fewer items of higher quality...which is all good and well, unless you're not sure which trends you'll still adore a few months from now. A good way to try on a trend is to buy it for less and see how much mileage you get. If you're wearing an item a lot and it makes you feel fabulous, you know your fashion investment will pay off if you step up to the designer level; however, if you find it was but a whim, you can chalk it up to a bout of Fashion Madness - without any financial guilt. You already knew Kmart has unbelievable prices, but lately they've really stepped up their style game, and some of these pieces are so cute, you may not even need to go the designer route.

Here are our stylish Kmart picks to kick off your Fall Fashion shopping:

Black ruffle shirt dress

1. Attention plaid trench, ruffled shirt dress (right), fedora, bag & Mary Janes
2. Jaclyn Smith tweed suit & Attention Mary Janes
3. Attention pleated satchel
4. Route 66 "folkloric" print scarf
5. Jaclyn Smith print cardi

- Lesley Scott

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Dark blue denim accessories
sing the fashion blues
Gray grey tweed cape
swashbuckle into fall
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