5/24: Jazz Up Your Blues Day

Funky wings, drunken mysteries and more

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MIND OVER MATTER: While most happy hours are ending just as you clock out at the office, these late night drink specials allow a nap, shower, and time to pre-set the alarm for tomorrow's clock -in. Jazid's Open Mind Mondays provides live jazz and funk music, art, cheap shots, and, oh yes, free wings until midnight. Indulge. 9 P.M.

SLEUTH ACHE: If only the game of Clue was so utterly simple. The only mystery here is how many drinks it will take to forget the painfully long week ahead. Ransom Mondays at Mokai holds a new Miami scenester hostage each week, requiring that guests dance and drink him free. 11 P.M. 

TOTALLY AWESOME! Think past the pink cosmos and sour apple martinis and move on with your life. Sip on $5 blue martinis all night long at the back alley entrance of Poprox in North Beach. This beach bar boasts a mirror-enciricled bar, 1980s rock design and graffiti decor.  Monday night specials and hip-hop music reign from 9 P.M. to 5 A.M.

SEE YOU AT BARDOT: Where music, art, fashion, film, and literature all takes form. Tonight, live music by Satta will take over. Click here for more information.

SING US A SONG: Sing your favorite hits with a burger in one hand and a microphone in the other. It's Karyoke Monday at 8oz Burger Bar on South Beach. You can also sing along to your favorite hits, and the best will receive a prize at the end of the night!

KEEP THE PARTY GOING: From the weekend, or just start off a new week with one. The Mondrian's Sunset Lounge offers $9 cocktails and live music by DJ Jessica Who. If you valet, take your ticket to the bar for validation and party into Tuesday!

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