George Kotsiopoulos, from E!'s Fashion Police, Talks Fall Fashion and Hollywood

Fashion Expert George Kotsiopoulos visited Miami for the Tour de Fashion shopping and fashion event at Sawgrass Mills Mall. The E!'s Fashion Police host brought his great sense of style, along with his honest talk, and sat down with Latin Beat to chat about Hollywood and more.
We asked him about men's fashion, the trends for the Fall season, who are the young startlets taking over the fashion world, his thoughts on fashion blogging and the wardrobe staples for every guy and girl!  
What are some of the trends that you are looking forward for fall?
I love turtlenecks, and they are a big trend for men, which always sound ridiculous. When it comes to men’s fashion, designers always pull basics and bring them back, and then they become trendy because not much changes when it comes to men’s fashion. For women, I love this post-grunge look of sweaters with skirts, with longer skirts, which I think it’s very cute.  Also, new riffs of punk in every incarnation with straps, studs and tartans; beautiful pastel coats, which we never really those colors in the Fall, which it’s a nice thing for ladies to shop for. Another big trend is black and white trend, which I think it’s great because is something that women can incorporate from their already existing wardrobe, do a white top and black skirt and do a black & white accessory, so it’s an easy trend to take a hold of.
Do you find current menswear trends to be innovative or avant-garde?
I think when it comes to menswear it’s a tricky thing to be too innovative, because you can be more fashion-forward, but guys aren't that fashion-forward.  You look at someone like Thom Browne who did the cropped shrunken suit a couple years ago, and it wasn’t the norm, but now it has become a normal thing. I was in New York about a month ago and I saw all these men wearing cropped pants, not only fashion guys, but you also see regular guys wearing them. I think with menswear it takes a lot longer for trends to catch on.
What are some of the designers that you particularly like?
I love Prada, Alexander McQueen; I wear a lot of Brooks Brothers’ Black Fleece which Thom Browne designs. I really like Etro. I have a suit from them that has this delicate paisley print all over it, but it’s very subtle, it’s not screaming in your face, so I think they have great stuff. I love what Christopher Bailey does for Burberry Prorsum. He takes classics and puts a riff on them; I have this metallic silver shirt that was shown on the runway with a dark suit and a simple tie, and it that has a very classic look but with a twist. I like that contrast. I think with men’s fashion all you need is one thing to stand out.
How would you describe your personal style?
I would say classic with one statement. On the show, I can push it a little bit more because its television and it makes it more interesting. You don’t want to see people wearing boring clothes. If I wear a similar look for the red carpet or function, then I tone it down. It depends, there are many different elements.  I think it’s a little grungy, a little rock, a little dandy, I have been wearing a lot more color lately. When you’re younger you can dress a little bit more outlandish, but as you get older, at some point you have to draw the line to avoid looking like a clown. Is fine to have fun with fashion but I’m more conservative with a twist.
Who are the young starlets that you think are taking over the world of fashion?
Lilly Collins has been looking really adorable lately. I think Naya Rivera from Glee, she has an edge to her, and always looks great. Hailee Steinfeld, is adorable, she really knows how to dress her age. Chloë Moretzand Elle Fanning are at that age where they dress older, not as if they were 30 because that doesn’t look good, but they can dress as if they were 80 and really make it work. It’s adorable when they’re that young and they dress more matronly. And of course, Miley Cyrus! I love her, I think she is fabulous. I mean, she is definitely pushing it a lot more recently, but when she does fashion she looks great. She’s got us all talking about her, I met her briefly, and she is exactly what you would expect her to be. She is very real, very her, I think she is great.
Who are some of the Hollywood icons that you always look forward to on the red carpet?
Cate Blanchett is an icon; Tilda Swinton is fabulous; Julianne Moore takes wonderful risks with her fashion. Helen Mirren always looks amazing. Jane Fonda is simply incredible; Sandra Bullock has been looking real hot lately, really stepping her up her game.  Jennifer Lopez is always perfection, she is beyond amazing always.
What are your go-to publications?
I read Vogue, W, Women’s Wear Daily every day, GQ, Details and I do it to see what’s happening, but I like to formulate my own opinion when it comes to fashion.
What are your thoughts on bloggers becoming part of our pop culture and fashion industry?
Designers are treating bloggers like magazines. Essentially a magazine has editorial shoots and advertising pages. Most don’t discuss it but even their editorial pages are full of their advertisers. If they are partnering up with them and paying them, they are treating bloggers the same way. They blog about their stuff, but I think it’s kinda a bit more honest than in a magazine editorial. In magazines you don’t have to disclose anything, but if you look at their pages, they’re shooting their advertisers. It’s a way to share a message in a wider way.
What are the wardrobe staples for guys and girls?
A impeccably tailored suit. I think a grey or navy suit. People think it’s a black suit, but I never wear mine because its too formal, while a grey suit would transition better. You can mix the pieces and wear them with different things. Another thing is a nice shoe that can go from casual to dressy. A brogue with a heavier sole, or wingtips, can substitute a sneaker in a way. For men and women, a pair of dark rinse jeans, ones that look fabulous and that you feel great every single time you wear them. You need that. You have to feel great in them, no stitching or any embellishments, jeans like the Gap are great. A Little Black dress, that might sound cliché, but nowadays is so easy to dress them up or down with accessories or a statement necklace. I tell women: whenever you are buying something, you need to ask yourself: where am I buying this to? If you don’t have an answer, then don’t buy it, because you don’t need it. Unless is a fancy cocktail dress, which you might find an occasion to wear, but the rest of time you need to buy pieces that fit your lifestyle.
Some of the trends that you liked from NYFW Spring that you can forecast for the upcoming season?

This season two trends that kind of stood out were fringe and tribals. I saw a lot of fringe. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fringe on everything. I also liked the tribals. There are also the things that dominate the spring collections like florals and pastels, those are no-brainers always. I think the fringe was kinda a big thing for the upcoming season. 

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