Get a Room for Your Inner Rock Star

The Setai is ready to treat you like the rock star you are—or think you are—but it’s gonna cost ya

Getting picked up in an expensive vehicle, being greeted with chilled champagne, sleeping in a posh suite and spending your free time in the recording studio—the life of a rock star is sweet. But you don’t have to have a platinum album to enjoy the good life, thanks to The Setai.

The luxury Miami Beach hotel is ready to treat you like rock ‘n’ roll royalty with its Rock Star package now through the end of October.

You’ll be carted to and fro the airport in a Range Rover, sip Veuve Clicquot Champagne upon arrival, spend three nights in a one-bedroom suite and get 12 hours in the recording studio with Studio Director Matt Knobel to help you lay down the soundtrack of your life.

There’s even a rock god behind the hotel’s concept. Lenny Kravitz and Kravitz Design put together a snazzy 2,500 square-foot, two-floor penthouse decked out with state-of-the art recording equipment, vintage furniture, handmade wallpaper, and shag carpeting.

But unlike real rock stars, you might not be so quick to trash your room. The whole package will run you $6,000 plus taxes.

Considering you probably don’t have a rock star’s salary, the last thing you want to do is add on to that bill. So put down the lampshade, pull the mattress back in though the window, and stay away from the mini-bar.

To book your room, call 305.520.6110 or e-mail and then tell your family and friends you’re going on tour.

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