Get Airport Food Fast, Without Eating Fast Food

New concept for getting fresh airport food on the fly is taking off

They're known for their cakes, the ones Oprah called the "Best in America," but now South Beach favorite Icebox Cafe is available "on the fly."

Inside the new American Airlines terminal at Miami International Airport, you'll find their oasis of airport food.

"They wanted somebody who represented the local flavor of South Florida," said Icebox Owner, Robert Siegmann.

Being a rare, independent airport restaurant isn't the only thing that makes Icebox unique.

"As a traveler no matter how organized you are," Siegmann said, "there are times you arrive at the airport and there are huge security lines and you don't have the lead time you'd like in order to look for food, so we introduced what we call our 'In-Flight Meal Program.'"

The new concept works a lot like on-line check-in for your flight. You go to their website,, pick out the food you want to order, enter your flight info/pickup time and pay in advance. Then, after you get through security and you walk to your gate, you stop at the Icebox counter near D-8 and a lunchbox with your order inside will be waiting for you.

Siegmann is hoping to add delivery right to your gate. But for now, the in-flight meal concept is most convenient for people flying out of gates D1-D15.

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