Get Beach Ready With Mujer Balance’s Andrea Minski

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NBC 6 South Florida

The heat is already sizzling in South Florida, which can only mean one thing: it's bikini season!

We all know that in between all the parties, festivals, and pastelitos, it can be a challenge to find the time to stay in shape. But, TV host Andrea Minski says there's no excuse!

Minski stopped by the NBC 6 studios to show Latin Beat that where there's a will, there's a way.

In her blog "Mujer Balance," Minski posts advice for Latinas to keep a balanced life, including health and fitness.

"When you exercise at home, you don't even have to get dressed up," she said. "You just need 15 minutes and you can even do it in your pajamas!"

She has perfected several exercise moves that require no weights, and can be performed with common household items.

"You can just go to your pantry and find some veggie cans or frijoles cans to work out your arms," she said.

To target the biceps, Minski uses the cans to do raised curls while concentrating on flexing the muscle.

"Just make sure the cans weigh the same," she said.

She also trains her triceps by holding gallons of detergent, bending over slightly and stretching her arms backward.

Another fat buster is the leg raise, which targets the hips and glutes.

"I love to eat rice and beans, and we Latinas tend to hold fat in that area," she said.

To tone your glutes, just place your arm on a chair or table for balance and slightly raise your stretched-out leg in sets of 15 reps for each leg.

"I like to look good, so I can feel good," she said. "It's just part of living a balanced life."

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