Glam Slam: Celebrity Shape Up Week — Workout… At Work!

Gwyneth Paltrow has been rockin' one sick body lately thanks to her highly paid personal trainer.

Most of us don't have a private gym or our own trainer on speed dial, but that's no excuse to avoid being active and fit. Turn your cubical into a workout space.

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In fact, you can workout this very second while you're at your computer reading Glam Slam!

Trainer Jessie Pavelka, of Lifetime's weight loss competition series "DietTribe," says you don't need a gym membership or pricey equipment to get in shape. Here are his tips for "no excuse" training:

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- Bring exercise bands or light dumbbells to work (8, 10, 12 lbs.). "Sure, you may feel odd at first, like your co-workers are thinking you're crazy, but as soon as you start toning up and feeling good you will be the one laughing," says Jessie.

- Use your desk and office chair for your exercises.

- Team up with a friend to get in some extra exercises and to hold each other accountable. Make sure that friend is just as dedicated as you though.

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- Quit using the elevator. The stairs get you to the same place and actually burn calories. If you get a break throughout the day, using the stairs as cardio is a great way to burn extra calories and tone up the legs.

- Start looking for reasons and ways to workout and stop making excuses for yourself. If you are working all the time and say to yourself "I don't have enough time for the gym" then stop making excuses and start taking action to change your thinking and your life.

Exercises (each exercise will consist of 3 sets of 15-20 reps):

- Squats: (with or without the weights you brought to work) Bend at the knees and extend once you reach 90 degrees. The position of your feet determines the muscles you are working. Examples: Legs close together- you are working outer thighs, glutes and hamstrings. Legs apart (toes pointed outward)- you are working inner thighs, glutes and hamstrings.

- Stationary Lunges: Stagger the legs (about 3-4 feet apart depending on height from heel to toe). While keeping the back straight and arms on the hips, bend the knees dropping the back knee an inch or so from the ground (each leg should have a 90 degree bend), then extend to the starting position. A little tip for this exercise is to keep the abs contracted/tight to maintain balance and give you an overall better exercise. Note: Do not put the hands on the legs.

- Pushups: This is another exercise where position of hands determines the muscles involved. Example: Hands closer together- triceps (back of the arm) are the major muscles involved. You are also exercising the anterior deltoids (front of the shoulders) and the chest. Hands spread (shoulder width apart)- you are using more of the chest and deltoid muscles. Remember to watch your hand positioning.

Season 2 of "DietTribe" returns this Fall on Lifetime.

For more with Jessie, tune in to Access Hollywood's Celebrity Shape Up Secrets Special this weekend. Check your local listings.

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