“God's Lunatics” Author Michael Largo: I Tried to Be Open-Minded

Author Michael Largo said penning his latest tome "God's Lunatics" was only natural given his ongoing obsession with death and the unknown. 

"I have been fixated a little bit on the end game for the last eight or nine years," he admitted last night during his reading at Books & Books. "This book kind of grew out of the research for that."

Speaking at Books & Books Tuesday night, the author who documented the offbeat ways in which people practice religion said he tried to remain objective as he did research for the book.

"I tried to be, which is a very difficult thing, open minded and present all the religions without disrespecting any faith but nevertheless laying out the facts of what they are," Largo said.  "What I am most suspicious of, is anybody that says they have a divine connection. It is almost a license to do some things in history that often has not been the best thing for humanity."

And while Largo was brought up a Catholic, he is sill on the fence about his own beliefs.

"I tweeted to God the other day, but he didn't answer me," he quipped.

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