Golden Local Mojito Battle Rages On

The battle for best mojito in Miami rages on, with the Florida Room holding a comfortable lead over underdog Tap Tap Restaurant.

Less than a week remains in the head-to-head matchup between the two establishments, with the coveted Golden Local award on the line.

In one corner sits the underdog, Tap tap, the 15-year-old authentic Haitian restaurant with some funky flair.

Tap Tap General Manager Gary Sanon-Jules says his Mojito, fueled by Barbancourt Rum, is the king of Miami Mojitos.

"We take personal pride in our rum and 100 percent sugar cane," Sanon-Jules said.

The Florida Room's signature Bacardi Rum Mojito will be tough to beat, especially served within the confines of the plush Delano.

Delano Mixologist John Lermayer thinks his perfect mix of lime juice and Bacardi sets his Mojito apart from all challengers.

"We really love classic cocktails and we really love cocktail culture," Lermayer said.

Voters are weighing in on the debate at, touting their choices for top mojito.

"A real Mojito must be made with Bacardi. Anything else is just an imitation," Florida Room supporter CoutureCuisine said.

Not so fast say Tap Tap Room backers.

"Rum Barbancourt from Haiti makes all the difference, no soda, pure cane sugar, nothing gets better than this," Felipe said.

If you want to weigh in on the Golden Local Mojito Award, vote here.

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