1/25: Good in B.E.D.

Only in Miami is Monday a great night to go out

BOOGIE IN B.E.D.: Most of us have heard of Club B.E.D. on South Beach either from the multiple celebrity sightings there or the club's sister establishment cameo in a episode of "Sex And The City" ("There is a good way to break-up with someone and it doesn't include a post-it" Carrie Bradshaw, anyone?). Well, if you have the pleasure of having the ability to go out on Monday night, you should most definitely head out to $ecret $ociety at B.E.D. tonight. Not only are their VIP tables really comfy beds, but the drinks are strong and it's almost Super Bowl weekend, so you might just catch a celebrity or two there. Not to mention this party has been going strong for six years, so they must be doing something right. 10 PM.

SWALLOW WHAT? When you first see a book with the tittle Swallow This it can be a little shocking. When you realize that the book is written by a former PBSer, one might realize it wasn't misplaced from the adult book section. Mark Phillips isn't only a PBS alum, he is a hilarious comedian and wine expert. His non-snobby philosophy to wine is refreshing and not to mention he will make you wet your pants. Today he will be giving a free wine seminar in Midtown at EQ3 where he will giving a modern approach to wine AKA wine for dummies. 7 PM.  

PLASTIC PEOPLE: Not only are there naked female mannequins, there's hot-pink drapes and devil girls covered in black paint. No, we're not describing Amy Winehouse's Saturday night. It's the newest art exhibit to blow your mind to pieces. From today till February 26th, you can go fly your inner freak flag by visiting "Nikangel's Plastic Temptation" by Angelica Belin at the Wallflower Galler. With David Bowie and Jane's Addiction as influencers of the artwork, it's kinda what the love child of classic art and Amanda Lepore would look like. 

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