Good Karma

Instant Karma by Krys

LUCKY CHARMS: You yelled at the meter maid, borrowed your sister’s favorite dress without asking and lied to your boss about the real reason you were late to work. All these acts equal bad karma. Change your luck fast with Instant Karma by Krys. The jewelry brand is the brainchild of 20-year-old designer Krystal Castellano. Her designs are made up of beaded bracelets, long layering necklaces and lots of wrist wraps. The baubles feature silver, gold, wood, glass and charms such as peace signs, crosses and hearts. “My jewelry like karma captures your mind, body and attitude,” said Castellano. GET IT: $16-$55; M-M Couture, 8831 SW 107th Ave., 305-274-8955

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