Happy Cranksgiving!

Pedal for a good cause this Saturday

Thanksgiving is the most promising holiday for providing local gyms with additional memberships. It is also the holiday for giving to those who have a whole lot less than you do, most importantly, less food. This Saturday, you can work off that future belly and help feed some hungry folks at Cranksgiving, a bicycle, food drive race.

Bikers will race 17 miles, and on the way, use their own $10 to purchase non-perishable items from a checklist. Even though participants will be provided with a map, a good knowledge of Miami streets will be helpful in navigation and in finding the five grocery store checkpoints. Goods the bikers collect will be donated to Camillus House, an organization that helps the homeless and impoverished.

Miami’s cycling community is growing bigger and more powerful by the day. There’s hardly a moment that you won’t see someone cruising around downtown on the back of their own fuel-free ride. This race gives cyclists the chance to show their fellow citizens that they have a heart and deserve some real recognition. If you’re not a professional, don’t worry, just join the race. Everything about this event is good and productive. You’ll get a workout and you’ll give some needy families something to be thankful for next Thursday.

The race takes place this Saturday. Sign up starts at 2 p.m. at Government Center and the race kicks off at 2:30. There’s no registration fee, but bring $10 to purchase food. You must bring a bag and a bike lock. For the most talented and committed, there are pretty fancy prizes for winners, including fixed gear bikes. This event is all possible thanks to Rydel of Miami Bike Scene (a blog worth reading) and Tony Blazejack.

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