Happy Father's Day Daniel Boulud

To spend time with renowned chef and restaurateur Daniel Boulud is to be disarmed by him. There's his unyielding energy, for one—his natural front man disposition, for another—or just that he really, really wants you to try this 1982 Haut Brion with him, because, well it's here and this is how people drink, non?

Yet, when Boulud is on the record or otherwise in front of cameras, the man's tap dance is consummately rehearsed. One way to interview him is to open with "Ça va, Chef?" and come back half an hour later to retrieve the recorder.

Around his daughter, Alix, Boulud is ever so slightly less polished. She graduated from Tufts in May (creating a culinary society along the way) and, as you'll see in this clip, is very much her own woman. He seems equally proud and in awe of her—perhaps, at this moment, because Chef bypassed college.

Alix was in New York City last month just before graduation, so The Feast NY popped into Boulud Sud for a few minutes of quality father-daughter time. And by the way, if you're wondering: Father's Day Breakfast at the Boulud's is scrambled eggs and caviar. [The Feast]

—Video by Fritzie Andrade, Edited by Matt Duckor

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