“Miami Social” Star: The Materialism on the Show “Made Me Sick”

Reality star Hardy Hill said it made him queasy to watch the excess on display on his Bravo series "Miami Social."

The now-general manager of David Barton Gym at the Gansevoort South Beach was one of the high-flying cast members on the 2009 Miami-based reality show about the social elite at play in the Magic City. But Hill said he cringed when he watched episodes.  

"I was portrayed fairly," Hill told Niteside. "One of the reasons I didn't like it or support the show is when the time the show had come out the economy had fallen out and people were losing their houses, reconsidering materialism as a whole. And then here we are living the high life and being ignorant to the pain that people were feeling.

"It made me sick to my stomach to watch it."

Hill, who had a role on season 2 of "Big Brother," is now enjoying his reality-free life. His small screen stints have made him now think twice about being in the media spotlight.

"I don't regret either of the shows I was on," Hill said. "It hasn't hurt my career. I think it has just made me more recognizable. I don't know if I would do it again. .... I think I would rather try scripted TV."  

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