Haute Tattoo


THE ART OF INK: We’re not so sure Coco Chanel would trade in her signature ribbons for tattoos, and we’re positive Hell’s Angels know more about tattoos than couture, but somehow mixing ink with one of the world’s most famous fashion houses works. Chanel’s Temporary Skin Art, or as they like to call it, Les Trompe L’Oeil de Chanel brings temporary tattoos to the forefront of fashion and beauty. And we’re not talking about Cracker Jack prize temporary tattoos either. This ephemeral ink carries the Chanel logo and was designed by Peter Philips for the Paris Runway Show for Spring 2010, so no kiddie stuff here. From signature double “C”-adorned pearls, to birds in flight, the look takes ink from tattoo parlor to chic. Now, whether or not you feel the need to hop on a Harley, is completely up to you. GET IT: $75.00 for a package of five sheets (includes a total of 55 designs). Chanel.com.


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