Weird Videos of Health Club Gunman

Shooter spoke on camera of learning to "emotionally connect" with people

The 48-year-old computer geek who shot and killed three women, wounded nine others and then committed suicide at a suburban Pittsburgh health club on Tuesday once talked wistfully on video about how he hoped to learn to "emotionally connect" with people.

In two undated videos posted on, George Sodini tours his suburban home, pointing out his handy work and saying "women will really be impressed." He also says he believes he only has 15 years to live and hopes to be "real and be emotional," and learn to "emotionally connect with people."

In a 4,610 word diary, Sodini also whined that he had not had sex with a woman in 19 years despite his best efforts to dress well, exercise and smell nice, The Associated Press reported. Sodini wrote of planning the attack since November and of "chickening out" after first attempting to carry out the cruel act on Jan. 6. 

"He just had a lot of hatred in him and (was) hell-bent on committing this act, and no one was going to stop him," Allegheny County Police Superintendent Charles Moffatt told the AP on Wednesday. 

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