Here Comes the Bride

From invitations to carving stations, Brides in the City is ready to help you get hitched tonight

You found the guy, got the ring and set a date. Now what?

There’s a lot of planning, ordering, measuring, making, decorating and dressing to be done before you’re officially pronounced husband and wife (or ball and chain).

Rather than running all over town to make your knot-tying celebration happen, head over to the InterContinental Miami tonight for Brides in the City. The free bridal bonanza will teach you how to keep your upcoming holy matrimony from becoming a hole in your pocket. And you’ll learn how to keep your inner Bridezilla at bay with help from experts who understand your nuptial needs. 

Meet with wedding planners, browse gowns, try out makeup and hair tips from Estee Lauder and Rocco Donna Salon, book a caterer and set up your honeymoon destination all under one roof. The one-stop ceremony showcase is a bride’s dream come true, complete with cocktails and hors d’oeveres. 

All you have to do is say “I do” to showing up at 100 Chopin Plaza in Downtown Miami tonight from 7 to 9 p.m.


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