Ida Strengthens to Category 2

Is this all you've got, Hurricane Season? Boo-ring.

Hurricane Ida's winds have strengthened to 100 miles an hour as it moves across the Gulf of Mexico, making it a Category 2 storm. A Hurricane Watch has been extended to the Florida panhandle.

Though watchers at the National Hurricane Center here in Miami believe Ida will lose strength when she interacts with a dying cold front in the Gulf, outer bands of wind and rain are currently whipping the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, where a Hurricane Warning is in place, and a tropical storm watch has been issued for western Cuba.

Storm path projections extend from the west coast of Central Florida to Louisiana, but, of course, you never know where those darn things are gonna end up. (They're kinda like socks that way.)

Scientists expect a weakened Ida to make landfall sometime on Tuesday.

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