“I'm in Miami” Rapper Rumbles With Romney on Plane

Skyler Gordy reclined his seat before take-off, Mitt let him know that was a no-no

Mitt Romney, a rapper and the Canadian Mounted Police walk into a bar.

Actually, in this case it was a plane, and now Skyler Gordy, a member of the band LMFAO - whose most notable hit, at least to us, is "I'm In Miami Bitch" (surely you've seen the phrase displayed on a t-shirt in myriad tacky tourist shops on Lincoln Road) -  is claiming Mitt Romney, to put it in pre-school terms, touched him first.

Both Romney and Gordy, who is Motown founder Berry Gordy's grandson, were on an Air Canada flight leaving from Vancouver. When Gordy reclined his seat, Romney told him to put it back up. Hey, if Romney didn't tell him, the flight attendant would - that's called regulations, buddy. And yes, they were in coach.

When Gordy didn't respond, Romney leaned forward and grabbed his shoulder "with a condor grip."

This is all according to Gordy, who shot a video reacting to the incident.

"I just react - boom - get off me, you know," Gordy said. "And I didn't take it any further than that. I just wanted the man not to touch me; that's it."

The scuffle caused the pilot to have to return the plane to the gate, where the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were waiting to escort him off the plane, though he was let go after a brief detainment.

Police won't release the names of those who were involved because no one was arrested, and Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom wouldn't comment on whether or not Gordy was the one who got all up in Romney's grill.

"I'm not your prey. I'm not a salmon going upstream," Gordy said in the video about Romney. "You're not going to rip me up."

Did Gordy just compare Romney to a grizzly bear? Yes. Yes he did.

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