I'm on the Bliss List

Are you BIP? Newly opened Bliss Spa in Fort Lauderdale thinks you are

It’s time to trade in your South Beach VIP status for something a little more relaxing, a little more blissful and a little more north.

Bliss Spa at the W Fort Lauderdale is finally ready to turn Floridians into BIPs (Blissly Important People).

Like their counterparts, BIPs cruise past crowds to the front of the line, which means no more waiting for your Handover Herbie treatment ($225 for 90 minutes) after a night of showing off just how VIP you really are.

That’s the kind of juice you’ll want to shake now that Bliss Spa has its first location in the Sunshine State.

Parked in the chi-chi W Fort Lauderdale, Bliss Spa brings a retro ‘50s vibe to its spa-goers. Get kneaded to perfection amid cheeky Florida décor while you enjoy jazz and blues, an outdoor terrace, more services than you can blissfully imagine and a boutique full of the brand’s spa-tastic products.

While the menu of treatments sound good enough to eat -- The Hot Milk and Almond Pedicure ($65 for 60 minutes), Carrot and Sesame Body Buff ($165 for 90 minutes) -- you’ll want to stick with the spa snacks, like olives, cheeses and fruits. Just make sure you save space for the almighty brownie buffet the spa is known for.

Brownies, body scrubs and the Blissage 75 (a rubdown that will leave you feeling like butter from head to toe)—it’s easy to see where Bliss gets its name. And why you’re dying to get on its list.

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