NiteTalk: Meet Artist, Performer & Vagabond “It” Girl Nicole Soden

John Hood

To say Nicole Soden is a Renaissance woman might be a fair assessment. Her work has been shown everywhere from the Bakehouse Art Complex to Diana Lowenstein Fine Art. As a curator, she was part of the '09 Basel satellite show Miami Independent Thinkers. As a performer, she's staged at Back Door Bamby, where she is, in effect, the namesake dame. And she can soon be seen alongside the TM Sisters and choreographer Katie Stirman in Panic Bomber's video for the track "Getting On My Mind."

You're a performer, a visual artist and a curator -- not to mention Vagabond's door girl. When you're asked to say what it is you do, what's your answer? My answer is always a sculptor. Everything else is secondary.

As a visual artist you work in many media -- from metals to ink. Is there one medium in which you feel most comfortable? That is a difficult question to answer. I would have to say honestly that what I am most comfortable with is not necessarily a medium but rather complex dimensions. What I appreciate most about working in 3D with sculpture and 4D with my installation and performance is that each experience is accompanied by this undeniable tactile awareness. To me a sculpture or an installation has an inherent sensuality that I do not sense with most 2D art. That may be just a personal preference however. Perhaps that is why my drawings are slightly more sexual in nature than my body of 3D work. 

You're trained as a dancer, and you're known for some spectacular stage shows. When can we expect to see you on stage again? I have taken a short hiatus from that aspect of my life since this past Basel, I felt that it was important for me to focus on my work as a visual artist, and I am pleased with my progress thus far. Although having worked as a professional dancer for the last 15 plus years has made me a bit of a junkie for the stage. I really thrive off of the instant gratification of performance, and I don't know how long I will be able to manage a sustained break. I can't necessarily say when or where but you can always expect that I'll have of a a few tricks up my sleeve. This Saturday night I will return to Back Door Bamby at the Vagabond to host the burlesque review. On Feb. 20, I will be performing at MoCA for their annual fundraiser. The rest will have to remain a mystery.

For the last Art Basel you curated and coordinated the Miami Independent Thinkers show. Is there any more of that kinda action coming up in the near future? Absolutely, the satellite fair -- Miami's Independent Thinkers -- was a success and we are looking forward to developing it's presence in the local art scene with more shows through out the year. The whole idea behind Miami's IT was to keep the spotlight on local art and the artists that are so often marginalized during the frenzy of Basel. It is these very people that are the life blood of Miami's Arts and Culture scene and it is important for us to give credit where credit is due. Respect.

* Check back for part II of the interview with Nicole later this afternoon.

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