Inventions You Never Knew You Needed

Please don't tell us you're still using a knife to butter your toast.

Oh, goody. Roundups of ridiculous inventions come around about as predictably as "Where Are They Now" spreads about the cast of Roseanne, but both have us rubbernecking to beat the band. To wit! Urlesque points us to a jaw-dropping lineup of goods and contraptions like the Daddle (Daddy + saddle = Daddle! Ride 'im all day long), the transparent toaster (watch it darken!), and our fave, the Butter Stick. Like its ancestor the glue stick, it makes buttering your toast so much more precise, you see? You're in full control of the buttering process.

Check out the full roster via Urlesque. Some of these delights are patented, some not - but either way, you can be sure they all started with Uncle Artie talking your ear off at Thanksgiving about his million-dollar idea.

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