Beauty Blogger Iris Gomez: I Cater to the Everyday Miami Woman

Attention all out-of-work South Floridians, there is life after a pink slip -- just ask Iris Gomez.

After being laid off from a high-powered VP job, the Miami mom parlayed her love of dress up into a hip new online career.  Her blog,,  has pulled in more than 6 million visitors, becoming a click-worthy page for those looking to stay on top of the hottest trends, and not break the bank.

"I am just trying to help people be able to afford what's out there," said Gomez.  "Right now when you pick up these magazines, whether it's Vogue or Glamour, there's things in there that are not affordable for the everyday woman."

Still, even though the "everyday woman" can't pick up a pair of Manolos, Gomez says whatever Carrie & Co. sport on the silver screen is also what is flying off the shelves in the 305.

"When Sex and the City 2 came out, everything that was in fashion week and everything that designers planned out as their trend was kind of pushed to the side," she said.  "That Moroccan theme...I see a lot of people picking that up, a lot of stores are actually bringing in more natural products."

And this includes Gomez herself, who hand-picked designers to showcase their duds to Magic City shop-aholics at her first ever "Fashion in the City" event this Thursday.

"I'm trying to find more talent in Miami, so I kind of wanted to do something to bring them all together," she added.  "It is something I think we can offer to the people that view my web site."

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