Isabella Santo Domingo Brings “Gentlemen Prefer Them Dumb” To Miami

The Colombian actress performed her stand-up comedy show for the 2nd time

Isabella Santo Domingo has proven to be a multi-faceted actress, editor and screenwriter. She ventured into new territory with her stand-up comedy show "Gentlemen Prefer Them Dumb" or "Los Caballeros Las Prefieren Brutas", which proved to be a complete success. For the 2nd time in less that one month, Santo Domingo, performed the hilarious comedy at the James L. Knight Center.

The play discusses serious topics such as machismo in our society, gender differences, the purpose of marriage, issues among couples, and the ideals of the everyday woman. However, what makes this play so special, is that Isabella approaches these issues with a sarcastic and irreverent humor, making the audience think while having fun.

The one and a half hour show took viewers into a journey of critical reflection about the never ending battle of the sexes and how the values in our society affect those perceptions. Her second show follows a successful, sold-out first appearance.

Check "Los Caballeros Las Prefieren Brutas’ on YouTube: or follow Isabella Santo Domingo @SaintSacional.

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