NiteTalk: Sam Baum on The Overthrow’s Onslaught

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Of all the mad action going down this week, none will be madder than the onslaught being unleashed by that gang known as The Overthrow. The highlight might be tomorrow night's Ivory Tower, but don't for a minute think what's goin' down at Mokai or Bardot or Mekka or EVE or The Castle will be a lowlight. Because when it comes to The Overthrow, it's all highlights. NIteside got the go-to from gang leader Sam Baum.

Wanna tell us a bit about Wednesday night's Overthrowdown? Yes. We are doing an incredible cultural event called Ivory Tower. It's taking place at the top of the world renowned 1111 Lincoln Road building, designed by Herzog and deMueron.

The Gang's teaming with a few cool outfits - care to share who? We will be working with some of the best crews in the country to bring together different aspects of the creative lifestyle. There will be a custom art installation by Primary Flight, a showcase by Kerin Rose of A-Morir, who's outfitted the likes of Lady Gaga and Rihanna, and custom bike makers Sole Bicycles. The music will be provided by some of the Windish Agency's best -- Nadastrom, Beni, Brenmar, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and High Rankin. All are raising the bar across the spectrum of electro, house, dubstep, dance and moombahton.

How'd you come up with Ivory Tower anyway? After being introduced to the building's visionary owner and cultural advocate Robert Winnet and MTV's Mario Cader-Frech, we all knew we wanted to work together to bring a truly unique event to the space. When Ultra started approaching, the timing was right to elevate the party game, straight to the top of the most interesting building in the city! The event's name comes from the negatively denoted concept of the impractical pursuits of the cultural elite. But those are always the most fun kind of pursuits!

Of all the action going down this week, what's gonna set The Tower apart? This event is about showing that the world of electronic music is more then raves, drugs, and glowsticks. It is the most influential form of music today and is one of the best examples of technology being used to make art. It has also become the soundtrack of a sophisticated lifestyle that extends into all aspects of creativity.

Speaking of which, isn't there some other Overthrow action going down? This is definitely Overthrow's most ambitious assault to date! Our army of artists are playing all over, with Caligula at Mokai and Troy Kurtz at Bardot tonight. Thursday we are working with Embrace on the Smog v Basshead party, the biggest dubstep event of the week, at Mekka and Simian Mobile Disco at EVE. Saturday we reopen the gates of the Castle for Black Magick with Trouble & Bass, which will be a mystical journey into the dark art of bass music. Last but definitely not least is our infamous Hard 2 Leave party, where we take over gentleman's club Gold Rush and bring all of the biggest DJs in town to play at the strip club! It gets very naughty.

What else do we need to know about The Overthrow before we go-go? We are just here to remind everyone that they have the potential to do magick as soon as they stop believing that they can't. Unleash yourself...

Ivory Tower Wednesday March 23 5pm-Midnight at 1111 Lincoln Road South Beach For more information log on to


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