It’s a Mat, Mat, Mat, Mat World

High Wire Walk

MEET YOU ON THE MAT: While we mostly think of monkeys swinging around, this month, the primates at Green Monkey are trading in swinging for crawling. To celebrate national yoga month, Green Monkey is hosting a mat crawl. It’s a chance to shake up your yoga routine with as many different yoga teachers as Green Monkey has to offer. Not only will you get in shape, breathe better and build lean muscle (all benefits of yoga), you’ll also qualify for prizes. The first 60 people to register get a $10 Whole Foods Market gift card. And those who practice with five teachers get a free Green Monkey tee. Anyone who stretches it out with 10 teachers get a five-class pack. Do it with 15 and score a 10-class pack. Find your om with 20 different teachers and you’ll earn a three-month membership. Make it all the way to 30 and you get the grand prize: a one-year membership to Green Monkey. What are you waiting for? This crawl is already in progress. Grab your mat and get moving. GET IT: South Miami: 5792 Sunset Drive, South Miami; 305.669.4949. Miami Beach: 1827 Purdy Ave., Miami Beach; 305.397.8566.  

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